Claim Summary

The "Claim Summary" page provides details about the loss, the client, the assigned adjuster, and the insured. Most of the information found on this page will be entered when the claim file is first created in CMS, however, not all fields are required at setup details may be added/edited later.




Administrative level users can edit most of the information on this page, but some fields such as the CMS file number cannot be changed once the claim is created. Administrators can use the appropriate icon to resend the assignment to the adjuster and/or resend the confirmation to the client examiner. There is a date field next to each of these send buttons which records and displays that date on which each of these email notifications was last sent (the initial notification goes out automatically to the examiner when a new claim is created and manually to the adjuster when the file is assigned to the adjuster).


Adjusters can add details about the insured, but cannot edit the "Insured Last Name" field. Adjusters can also change the "Severity Code."


For security reasons, adjusters cannot add/edit any other information on this page and should consult the claim manager/supervisor if such changes are needed.


Administrative level users can select the assigned adjuster from this page, only if no adjuster has yet been assigned to the claim. To reassign the claim from one adjuster to another, use the "Reassignment" module.


For details about the "Prior Loss Relationships" field, please review the section pertaining to "Single Claim Add."