Features & Benefits
Listening to and learning from our customers over the past decade has helped create a set of capabilities unmatched in our market. The advantage our customers have in serving the needs of their clients is deep and wide in both ease of use and agility in meeting ever more complex needs.
It is difficult in this small space to name all the benefits available within ClickClaims.

All Users Benefits
Batch Actions Same time by performing tasks across multiple records in a single step, such as: File create/edit/assignment; notes; status updates; Peril/File Type/Severity/Event/etc.
Accounting Reduce support staff through efficient, automated A-Z accounting. Features include Time & Expense and Fee Schedule Billing; Rate Builder/Billing Engine; AR/AP (Payroll)
Task Manager Proactively control necessary actions on every claim file by creating and managing assignable tasks; Eliminate delinquency using defined alerts and stakeholder notifications.
Data Extractor Elevate customer service through instant access (company and client users) to your entire claims database. AdHoc presentation of desired fields in custom views that each user configures and saves to their own preference, including data points and position, then interact with sorting/grouping/filtering. Export live data to Excel, CSV, PDF or Word.
Configurable Views Increase operational efficiency across your entire enterprise using highly configurable tools to display and interact with all data: claims, users, clients, accounting, etc. Perform limitless actions across multiple records, in a concise and user friendly interface.
Dashboards Drive performance across all departments with instant access to relevant information, using over 50 “widgets.” Each user builds his/her dashboard using drag/drop positioning to optimize screen layout. Widgets connect to custom operations, using over 20 filters/display options that create the ideal workspace for every user to perform at the highest level!
Documents Manager Save hours on every claim by removing email from your workflow and management processes. Create custom libraries for documents of all types, and set security controls for each. Search, sort, and filter to quickly find and organize and work with unlimited documents. A configurable interface allows intense interaction with the repository, including: email, zip, batch print, FTP automation, PDF Bundling/Conversion, and more!
Forms/Letters Builder Bring consistency, accuracy, and efficiency to your reporting and correspondence generation with a comprehensive, user-friendly, imbedded tool. Create and manage form letters using data tokens to insert any of over 100 data points into defined areas of your document. Configurable security controls which user roles have access to each template.
Diary Manager Never miss a due date again by enforcing a proactive management protocol. Create reminders of upcoming dates, and use Dashboard widgets to “push” all approaching diaries to your desktop for quick access to pending claims immediately upon login.
Search Quick access to relevant information is paramount to great customer response and efficient management, especially when volumes surge. Quick Search for claims from any screen or Deep Search across hundreds of parameters to quickly locate the exact records needed.
Managers Benefits
Vendor Manager Manage and track internal (your) vendors and other entities associated with any claim. Track and report on assignments to all vendors (inventory). Detailed assignment/territory managers ensure selection of the best qualified and geographically proximate service provider. Report on assignments across vendors, as well as business/marketing history.
Contact Manager Instantly access comprehensive contact and other information about every stakeholder, within a consolidated tab. Manage “on-off” contacts within a claim, or build a global contact list of persons that have involvement across multiple claims.
List Managers Your Claims Management System, your way – without costly customizations. Over 30 included List Managers allow your company to define the values suited to your operation. A few examples include: Perils/Severity Levels/Events/Documents Types/Tax Tables/etc.
System Email Manager Outbound - Over 40 customizable template-based emails that automatically deliver information at key steps in the claim process, or manually. All actions auto-logged.
Inbound – Automatically process emails using key file references. Attached documents are automatically uploaded, and the original email is saved to the claim as a PDF, with a link to all associated attachments. How much time will this save your company?
Security Manager With 13 default security roles “out of the box” management has significant control over what each user can see and do. But, there’s more… the ClickClaims Security Configuration Manager provides complete granularity with C/R/U/D/S control over thousands of objects, all within a highly organized configuration control tool.
File Change Audit For managers, knowing who did what, and when, is critical. Perform individual file audits to see exactly what happened on a given claim, or search to find every change made to every claim, by any user, across any window in time. Every change, by every user, is logged, automatically, eliminating guesswork & legwork from file audits & performance reviews.
Options (Additional Charges Apply) Benefits
EDI - Claims Importer Eliminate data entry to reduce resource cost and shorten response times. When your customer dictates or when high claim volumes occur, imports from Xactware, Symbility Solutions, Policy Systems and over 25 Insurance Carriers are already in place.
QuickBooks EDI (Bridge) Fully automate your accounting data flow between ClickClaims and QuickBooks (WebConnector), eliminating any duplicated data entry and optimizing work objectives within each system. Both Billing and Accounts Receivables are fully synchronized.
Flood Aging Never fall behind on crucial deadlines - manage flood claims and adhere to NFIP requirements. Manage, Report and deal with delinquencies to insure compliance.
Reports Module See your enterprise at a new level and identify organizational strengths and areas of needed improvement. View and drill down on cycle times or claims inventory using filters for date ranges, claim attributes, assignees, etc. Graphical and tabular displays help control outliers and observe trends.
Call Center Exceptional customer service is not possible if the policyholder is not contacted timely. When volumes surge, this commitment often goes unmet, and things deteriorate from there. Can you staff-up to manage 25,000 calls/hour? Probably not, but ClickClaims can, for far less than the cost of a staff person. Eliminate DOI complaints and watch customer service ratings soar, with a solution that’s efficient, automated, & extremely cost effective...Claims Call Center.
Financials Package Secure, integrated management of reserves, payments, and recovery is critical to both Third Party Administrators and Carriers. Managing these processes within a self-contained system with managed authority levels, alerts, escalation, and notifications will bring cheers from both your claim and accounting staff. Print checks within ClickClaims or process externally with no duplicate data entry, using our EDI connections to policy systems, or the financial system of your choice.