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State Farm publishes list of 10 states with highest frozen pipe losses

Water pipes can freeze in parts of the country known for very cold weather, but not always. State Farm Insurance has released a top 10 list of the states most affected by frozen pipe losses. It is serving as a stark reminder that it’s not just the parts of the US known for the coldest weather that can be affected by this costly damage. Homes with both copper and plastic water pipes can suffer from damage from freezing and bursting. Frozen pipe losses aren’t as simple to repair and clean…

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How AI Can Transform Insurance Correspondence by Insurance Thought Leadership

If you think insurers have issues with their mishmash of legacy technology platforms, take a look at the rat’s nest of letters, emails and other documents that languish in an array of systems and formats. As insurers deal with the fallout from COVID and dedicate themselves to improving the customer experience, many still shy away […]
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