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What Our Clients are Saying

testimonial photo of Zack Meadows CEO of Mid-America Catastrophe Services

“We searched for a CMS program that fit our needs for over a year, and we ended up choosing ClickClaims for numerous reasons. We were looking for a program that was user friendly, scalable, customizable, integrated with Xactware, support platform, and had a robust invoicing system. ClickClaims gave us all of that, and more. Thomas Brown and his team are truly amazing. They listen to what your needs are and make it happen. Since we have been using ClickClaims, we have had several situations come up where we need something customized on the fly. We knew what we needed but didn’t quite know how to accomplish it. We explained it to the ClickClaims team, and they got it done. They have saved us many times on the front end of events by automating processes for us. The team at ClickClaims are always thinking outside of the box for ways to make the work process flow better. I cannot say enough about the ClickClaims team. They truly are an amazing team. I have always said that I want to do business with people I trust and like — I feel this way with Thomas Brown and his team.”

testimonial photo of Ryan Beck Chief Claims Officer SafePoint Insurance

“ClickClaims is a highly customizable claim solution that enables us to accomplish SafePoint’s mission; to offer superior customer service, comprehensive coverage and expedited claim service. Moving to ClickClaims has empowered our team to provide seamless claim processing to our customers. The experience has been painless and has proved to be a cost effective platform with superior support.”

testimonial photo of Claire Strom, Senior Claims Administrator at Alabama Insurance Underwriters Association

“ClickClaims CMS is a fantastic program with fantastic support. I don’t know what we would’ve done without you all through the storms of 2020. We’re grateful we made the switch to this program a few years ago and we appreciate all that your team has done for us!”

“We found ourselves being inundated with claims and trudging them through an antiquated claims management system last storm season. The claims management system we were using was somewhat of an anchor as the ship attempted to push forward at full power. We found ourselves having to commit extra labor hours to data input, contacting insureds, and obtaining documents from insureds to stay pace. Following the storms, we committed to search for a claims management system that would integrate with our carriers’ systems, auto-generate status emails to the carriers, allow for mass texting, and allow the insureds to upload documents themselves into the claims file – Enter Niki and ClickClaims.

Once we contacted Niki, she held our hand through every step of the onboarding process AND the migration of our data from our prior claims management system. The ClickClaims team set up a weekly meeting so that our team had time to ask questions as we moved through the process. The ClickClaims training sessions were informative and are recorded so that we will be able to reference them 24/7. We could not be happier with ClickClaims to this point, and we are anxiously awaiting storm season to put it through its paces!

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“We needed to hit the ground running on day one. The entire Click Claim team has been awesome and we have no doubts that we made the right choice! Thank You!”

“The program is user friendly. E-Claim works with changes needed to the program to fit our needs. We LOVE the staff!”

“I’ve worked with 2 of the leading systems in the industry including Guidewire for close to 10 years and serving on multiple advisory boards for them.  I was not familiar with ClickClaims but must say that I impressed beyond description.  I think it is an amazing system, user friendly and loaded with functionality.  Additionally, although small, the team at E-Claim.com is extremely competent and a true pleasure to work with.”

“Responsivenes of the CC team; ease of use of the system.”

“System is easy to use. I’ve also had good customer service making modifications pertinent to our company.”

“At PASCO CLAIMS, we strive to bring order to the chaos that Catastrophes bring to our carrier clients, and the Click Claims system has been the vehicle that delivers our “real time” data during such events.

In the field the program has enabled us to bring both clients, and field adjuster resources into an electronic environment that delivers real and meaningful data at the click of a button. When coupled with our automated triage call center process, the Click Claims system works to prioritize claims, document our diaries, and even coordinate with a carrier’s chosen emergency services vendor to initiate mitigation efforts.

In the office, it has proven to be an effective marketing tool, by allowing our reps to demo the system in a “real time” mode, where clients can actually interact with the system and our adjusters right then and there.

At PASCO CLAIMS, we continuously look for the fastest way to ‘skin a CAT’, and Click Claims is that way.”

“ClickClaims is user friendly, has a variety of report capabilities, a robust accounting bridge, and the pricing is right.”