E-Claim.com Successful Second Round in the Edward Lowe Foundation’s SIG Program

E-Claim.com has just completed a second round of participation in the System for Integrated Growth (SIG) program, facilitated by the Edward Lowe Foundation. This program, designed for second-stage companies, has been a game-changer in our growth and development strategy.

The dedicated team assigned to work with us through the SIG program, Eric Ervin from New Media Minds and Tammie Sweet, provided invaluable insights, research, and tools that significantly enhanced our marketing efforts.

We extend our appreciation to Paul Bateson of the Edward Lowe Foundation and Chris Cassagne of Louisiana Economic Development for their support and guidance throughout the SIG program. Their contributions have been pivotal in our journey.

Niki Wilson, our Chief Revenue Officer, reflected on our experience: “This was E-Claim’s second round in the SIG program. The first round provided us with focused market research that assisted us in marketing our software to insurance carriers, a shift from our initial focus on independent adjusting firms. We were excited to participate in a new round of the program, especially with E-Claim.com launching a new product this year. Our experience with the program has not only equipped us with the necessary tools and knowledge for our current endeavors but has also laid a strong foundation for our future growth and expansion.”

About the System for Integrated Growth Program

The SIG program, delivered virtually, offers just-in-time expertise to address growth-related challenges for second-stage companies. It covers various focus areas including HR, operations, finance, global trade, sales, marketing, and more. The program is unique in its approach, offering a blend of expert advice and practical solutions tailored to the specific needs of participating companies.

About Louisiana Economic Development

Louisiana Economic Development (LED) is a dynamic organization committed to transforming the business landscape of Louisiana. It offers a range of competitive incentives, world-class logistics, and a workforce training program that is consistently ranked among the nation’s best. LED focuses on creating a pro-business environment, supporting a variety of industries including aerospace, advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, energy, entertainment, life sciences, military/defense, process industries, technology, and water management. With its deep talent pipeline and award-winning workforce development programs, LED ensures that businesses in Louisiana have the edge they need for success. The organization’s approach to fostering foreign direct investment, coupled with its rich cultural heritage and unique work-life balance, makes Louisiana an attractive destination for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Contact Information
Niki Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer
ClickClaims/E-Claim.com, LLC
LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/company/eclaimllc