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Our clients know our team members by name, and frequently comment about our fun environment. Clients also know they can count on each of us – regardless of the time, day, or circumstance, we answer the call. Your claims are our commitment!

Ask any ClickClaims client and they will tell you we say what we will do and do what we say we will – it’s that simple! That’s how you earn a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 85 when the industry average for SaaS companies is only 26!


Clients cite ClickClaims’ 24/7/365 service model as the #1 reason we earn an NPS score that is unmatched in insurance software and attained by only 2% of all companies, across all industries! Our in-house team of fulltime employees is committed to serving, always. Our Help Desk boasts an average of less than 15 minutes, from submission to solution! Christmas Day? Thanksgiving? No problem. ClickClaims understands the demands on insurance claim departments, and we stand ready to serve when you need us most.

With a library of over 50 connectors, we embrace automation and deliver the most efficient data process in the industry. We view every stakeholder system as an opportunity to streamline your workflows using electronic data interchange at every touchpoint possible. From First Notice of Loss to claim payment, claims data flow is optimized throughout the entire claim lifecycle.


We understand that no two claim departments are alike. Workflows differ, systems differ, claim processes differ – the common thread is ClickClaims. Why work in a system that doesn’t fit YOUR model? Our skilled business analysts and developers do one thing – build claim systems. We understand the business of claims and work with clients to build a claim system that works the way you do!

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What Our Clients are Saying

"Great, user-friendly program. Quick efficient response from ClickClaims customer service team. They are SAVING us with all the necessary last-minute tweaks to get through Hurricane Sally and all of our people have been able to jump in and use the program with very little learning curve. Very happy!"
Claire Strom, Senior Claims Administrator
Alabama Insurance Underwriting Association (AIUA)
"We searched for a CMS program that fit our needs for over a year, and we ended up choosing ClickClaims for numerous reasons. We were looking for a program that was user friendly, scalable, customizable, integrated with Xactware, support platform, and had a robust invoicing system. ClickClaims gave us all of that, and more. Thomas Brown and his team are truly amazing. They listen to what your needs are and make it happen. I cannot say enough about the ClickClaims team. They truly are an amazing team. I have always said that I want to do business with people I trust and like -- I feel this way with Thomas Brown and his team."
Zack Meadows, CEO
Mid-America Catastrophe Services
Click Claims is a highly customizable claim solution that enables us to accomplish SafePoint’s mission; to offer superior customer service, comprehensive coverage and expedited claim service. Moving to ClickClaims has empowered our team to provide seamless claim processing to our customers. The experience has been painless and has proved to be a cost effective platform with superior support.
Ryan Beck, (former) Chief Claims Officer
SafePoint Insurance Company
"Once we contacted ClickClaims, they held our hand through every step of the onboarding process AND the migration of our data from our prior claims management system. The ClickClaims team setup a weekly meeting so that our team had time to ask questions as we moved through the process. The ClickClaims training sessions were informative and are recorded so that we will be able to reference them 24/7. We could not be happier with ClickClaims to this point, and we are anxiously awaiting storm season to put it through its paces! "
Bill Leahy, President
Maverick Claims

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