Our Team

Our Team

People who are not only skilled in their chosen craft, but skilled in interactions with other people - this is what makes a team. E-Claim is a team of such people and as a company E-Claim fosters the growth of our team members, equal to the business itself. All great companies are built around great people.

Our clients know our team members by name, and frequently comment about our fun environment, yet also know they can rely on our people to fulfill their needs and wants. Ask any E-Claim client and they will tell you we say what we will do, and do what we say we will – it’s that simple!

E-Claim does not follow the common path of many software development companies, who seek out the cheapest labor in order to improve the bottom line. Every line of code is written by full-time E-Claim employees, working in a central location, for collaboration, enjoyment, learning, and effective client communication and project management. Have you ever tried to discuss your software project with a developer working in a different country, in a time zone that is 8-10 hours different from yours? If so, you know what a nightmare that is. Yes, it’s harder and more expensive to do business this way, but this is what makes E-Claim different — our people!

Leadership Team


Chief Technology Officer

Senior Business Analyst

Product Manager

Director of Sales & Marketing

Product Engineer

GIS/BPM Manager

Accounts & Training Manager

Sales & Marketing
Operations Analyst

Jeremy Knue

Integrations Manager

UI/UX Manager

Phillip Tran

Master Forms Builder