Leadership Bios

Niki Wilson

"I was thrilled when given the opportunity to lead the sales and marketing efforts at E-Claim.com. Not only was I the lead developer on the very first version of ClickClaims, but I truly believe in the software, the company culture, and the commitment of the team."

Chief Revenue Officer

With her extensive background in business and technology, as Chief Revenue Officer, Niki is the driving force behind our revenue growth. She understands how innovative solutions, products, and pricing can impact revenue, and her knowledge and experience have resulted in significant contributions to our organization.

Niki began her career as a multimedia designer and programmer after graduating from The Art Institute of Houston. As a director of new media for an educational production company, she built out their new media department and created several award-winning CD-ROM titles. 

After returning to her hometown of New Orleans, Niki was hired as E-Claim’s first employee and programmer.  She worked closely with founder Thomas Brown to launch the first version of ClickClaims.  In 2006, ClickClaims was awarded  “A.M. Best’s eFusion Award” for best claims management system.

Over the years, Niki has held various positions in companies in the insurtech, naval architecture, and marine construction industries, including Project Manager, Vice President of Operations, and Government Contracting Manager. She eventually returned to E-Claim to start the company’s first Business Development department.

As CRO, Niki collaborates with our Product team to develop strategic pricing and processes that generate revenue. She manages sales activities and goals, identifies new market opportunities, and defines the actions required to bring a new dynamic to our business growth.

In her free time, Niki enjoys talking about claims and her latest costuming adventures in New Orleans. Her motto is, “Who says claims can’t be fun?” Catch her at any networking event to learn more.