Leadership Bios

Travis Johnson

"In a world filled with alternative facts and tall tales, I love finance because numbers do not lie. They’re like the candid friends who keep you grounded - even if they do sometimes demand a recount. Sound business decisions start with sound data, and I’m here to deliver both!"

Financial Controller

Born and raised in the heart of Southeast Louisiana, Travis Johnson has a story as vibrant as the state’s rich tapestry of history and culture. Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Louisiana, Travis is no stranger to hard work and dedication. He often recollects vivid memories of significant natural disasters, including the likes of Hurricane Andrew & Katrina, which have indelibly shaped his resilience and perspective. With a light-hearted jest, he often mentions how he “escaped” the farm life for the allure and pulse of cityscapes, trading pastures for bustling streets.

Travis’s foray into the world of finance and accounting began at the tender age of 13. Under the guidance of his father’s CPA, he was tasked with maintaining the books and overseeing payroll for the family business. These foundational experiences laid the groundwork for his subsequent academic pursuits. Travis went on to obtain Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management and Accounting, later complementing his credentials with an MBA.

His professional journey led him to spend over a decade in the disaster recovery program management space, an experience which not only honed his skills but also enriched him with insights that few possess. Not one to rest on his laurels, Travis furthered his expertise by completing his PMP certification, showcasing his commitment to excellence in project management.

2023 marked a new chapter in Travis’s career when he joined E-Claim. With a proven track record of overseeing multi-billion-dollar disaster recovery programs, Travis’s addition to the team as the Financial Controller was a natural fit. His profound knowledge, coupled with his unparalleled experience, makes him an invaluable asset to the Leadership Team.

Currently residing in New Orleans, Travis shares a love/hate relationship with the city, though thankfully, the scales tip more towards love. When not immersed in financial charts and strategies, you can find him crafting culinary delights in his kitchen or enjoying a martini at a posh hotel bar, embracing the many flavors life has to offer.