Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Creating features that help you process your claims faster and more efficiently.

Listening to and learning from our customers over the past decade has helped create a set of capabilities unmatched in our market. The advantage our customers have in serving the needs of their clients is deep and wide in both ease of use and agility in meeting ever more complex needs.

ClickClaims New Features

The ClickClaims platform is grounded in solid software development discipline and execution. Striking the balance between functions that meet expectations and those that excel, our environment morphs continually. Finding new ways to fine tune business and claims process needs keeps things fresh.


Mobile Forms




Claim Analytics Business Intelligence (CABI)


ClickClaims Mobile


ClickClaims Features

ClickClaims mobile solution interface shown on a black tablet and black mobile phone

Mobile Solution

Mobile-friendly interface for easy access for  adjusters to:

  • View/edit claim data.
  • Set appointments and other dates.
  • View/upload photos.
  • View/set reserves.
Screenshot of ClickClaims Insured Triage Mobile Forms on white phone

Call CENTER, MOBILE FORMS, and TEXTING - IT'S triage like you've never seen before

Small Screen. Big Ideas.

Using ClickClaims’ proprietary automated Call Center, SMS (texting), and Mobile Forms platforms all working in tandem, slash insured contact time from three days to under 24 hours.

Insureds use the ClickClaims portal to verify coverage details, request EMS, report damages (severity and type), and provide photographic and video evidence in support of their claim…all in real-time directly from a mobile-friendly form.

This critical triage data is automatically sent back to ClickClaims as raw data for reporting and alerts, and a comprehensive PDF packaged report is immediately transmitted to the field/desk adjusters, the carrier, and the insured.
Case Study Spotlight - triage done right!

Can you make this happen  in under 24 hours?

Of course we can!  Read about how ClickClaims  deployed its new triage, texting, and mobile forms features to Mid-America Catastrophe Services’ CMS in under 24 hours. Insured contact time was slashed from three days to under 24 hours. It’s not magic, it’s ClickClaims!
Data-driven, interactive reporting powered by claims business intelligence.

Claim Analytics Business Intelligence (CABI)

Microsoft Power BI logo

ClickClaims Claim Analytics Business Intelligence (CABI), powered by Microsoft Power BI, puts your data in your hands. With true interactivity, visualize and manipulate your data to drive down to the details that drive your business.

CABI turns your claim data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights. Analyzing your claim data right from within ClickClaims allows you to automate reporting to make real-time, data-driven business decisions.