Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers

The Claim is the fulfillment of a promise. How well that promise is fulfilled determines whether customers will stay or leave. ClickClaims helps eliminate the obstacles to delivering on that promise between the insurance provider and the policyholder.

Our goal as your technology partner is to help you attain your goals


By growing the top line. A policyholder who feels that a claim was handled quickly and fairly is a policyholder who is much more likely to renew and recommend you to others.


Through higher productivity and expense control. Where specific tasks are automated, an adjuster’s time is focused on the remaining tasks and decisions.


By adjusting claims more accurately. Through predictable workflows, a new core claims system gives claims staff and adjusters much improved tools to make the right decisions and take timely action.

Let's drive together.

Assisting your company in driving a better claims process is what we do.

From FNOL to final payment, we bring efficiencies to every step along the way. Whether your claim department personnel is 100% staff or includes independent resources, ClickClaims connects all stakeholders to critical claim data, no matter their location and preferred method of access.

The single greatest asset of an insurance carrier is the policyholder - the customer, and a significant measure of quality service is the retention of policyholders. So, although your choice of a Claims Management System might not be the reason you gain new customers, it will certainly be a primary factor in whether you retain customers.

ClickClaims has assisted carriers with property and casualty insurance claims along with others in solving operational challenges since 1999, with over 2 million claims and $1 billion in indemnity processed though our systems. This experience yields a reliable, efficient claim process that not only delivers outstanding customer service, but reduces costs by optimizing your resources.


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