Independent Adjusting Firms
Technology is a key differentiator in today's competitive marketplace.
Does your company stand out from the crowd?
Does your technology make you a market leader?

ClickClaims will help you answer yes to both questions.

Independent Adjusting Firms
  • Low Expense per Claim Assignment
  • Outshine the Competition
  • Extensive Adjuster Roster Details
  • Fee Schedule Library & Calculator
  • Integrate with Key Industry Players
  • Every Notification, Diary, Task, Form and Email feature you can imagine
Third Party Administrators
  • Carrier Level Capabilities
  • Advanced CMS Features
  • Reserve, Indemnity and Reserve Balance Management
  • Direct Payment Authority - Option
  • Manage Multiple IA Providers
  • Highly Configurable User Interface
  • Extensive Data Extractor and Report Module

Assuming the responsibility for managing claims on behalf of the insurance company every service provider needs to have the very best talent, strict focus on service delivery and the correct suite of technical capabilities that demonstrate competency. Whether adjusting daily claims or stepping up to handle catastrophe claims management, the claims management system must support unlimited numbers of claims on very short notice.

ClickClaims is used by Carriers and a number of Specialty Providers with unique requirements. So it stands to reason that the capabilities of our Claims Management Solution can satisfy the service performance requirements for claims adjusting software used by IA Firms.

Whether your needs are basic and you only require the Essentials or your company is significantly larger than average and have sophisticated standards and expectations you will find it all in ClickClaims.

Most of our IA Firms pay less than $5.00 per claim.

Larger Firms and TPAs who have more complex requirements will find ClickClaims very affordable, particularly when comparing the range of capabilities that come with the service.

Request a Demo now and see how superior Claims Management can be achieved.