Specialty Providers
No two claims providers are alike. In the insurance service sector there are hundreds of unique businesses that are crucial to some area of the insurance marketplace. Whether marine, product testing claims, warranty claims or similar key provider, every project needs to be accounted for, measured for performance and delivered in a professional manner.
What is your special insurance related requirement?

For service providers that do not fit the typical Insurance Carrier/Independent Adjuster/Third Party Administrator mold, but rather have a need for a specialized claims management solution, look no further. ClickClaims has a proven history of affordably solving technology challenges to some of the world's most respected companies.
Below are a few examples of our custom claim management solutions.


After-Market Automotive Parts Replacement

A core claims management system serves as the foundation for this one-of-a-kind claims solution for the automotive insurance market. Developed for an automotive parts retailer turned claims provider, this custom application features a robust parts inventory management system, with detailed pricing data points. Users adjust losses within the application, while simultaneously building the insured's shopping cart of replacement parts.

eCommerce enabled, deductibles and overages are paid through the application, as the completed order is placed in line for immediate fulfillment. Ordered parts are deducted from stock counts, allowing the company to insure just-in-time processing, balanced with inventory cost controls. A comprehensive vendor management module provides installation costing and integrated management of the company's national network of authorized installation facilities.
ClickClaims developed a similar application for a claims service provider specializing in commercial HVAC losses. Critical data points on the costing model allow this provider to present its insurance carrier clients with clear and concise reporting that shows actual cost savings over retail.

Construction Related
Multiple custom ClickClaims applications serve construction-related service providers throughout the US. Our industry leading Connectors service includes bridges (EDI) with multiple estimatics platforms and QuickBooks, which allows our contractor clients to automate processes and streamline field and back office operations, including accounting and payroll.
In 2007, ClickClaims launched our Franchise Management Console, which serves as an enterprise hub for organizations with multiple locations. All job records originate within the "parent" application, which distributes work ("jobs") to the local affiliate for processing via their separate (but connected) ClickClaims application. Workflow is managed between the franchisor and franchisee, based on highly structured and well defined business rules, allowing all stakeholders to participate in the job assignment, dispatch, tracking, and invoicing. Rollup reporting allows the "parent" organization to run revenue reports across any/all locations. This application even includes an equipment management module, allowing users to assign resources based on length of job, and even manage equipment repair schedules for optimal resource management.

Business types utilizing the contractor customizations include the following:

  • Remediation service providers
  • Reconstruction/roofers
  • Blue Tarp Emergency Services (utilizes custom, integrated IVR Call Center for triage)

BP Oil Spill Case Management
Utilized by a law firm who specializes in representing victims of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. ClickClaims' configurable Document Management System allows this and other clients to create and manage repositories for their specific line of work and operational workflows. ClickClaims tracking tools, alerts, diaries, and flexible notes log created the perfect solution for this law firm to effective and economically manage thousands of cases from initiation to settlement.

Food Contamination Claim Management System
Utilized by the Third Party Administrator for many of the world's largest food manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, this custom version of ClickClaims is a unique claims solution. More than a full featured claims management system, complete with payment processing, and detailed reporting, this client needed a specialized solution.
ClickClaims met this need by delivering a custom solution that featured tracking of evidentiary materials from receipt, laboratory analysis, legal review, and long term storage. ClickClaims also allows the TPA to manage billing of services to covered members, for Loss Adjustment Expense and Defense Cost Containment expenses incurred in fulfillment of its claim services to members.

Marine/Cargo Claims Management
ClickClaims built this application for one of the 10 largest Property and Casualty insurance carriers in the US, on behalf of their broker for international shipping and transportation clients. Launched in 2008, this application has been used to manage thousands of high value claims, both first and third party.
This custom ClickClaims solution replaced multiple legacy platforms and practices and enabled real-time collaboration between users on opposite coasts. An integrated policy repository allows the broker and carrier to manage basic policy data required for claims, without requiring EDI to the primary policy management system. More advanced policy features include the ability to "build out" coverage limits and subscriptions, based on an interactive Class Codes matrix and management of policy documents. Advanced, user-level authority controls provide for an escalation process for reserving and payment issuance, which includes on-demand check printing directly within ClickClaims.
Contact ClickClaims today to learn more about our capabilities to not just develop custom applications, but to work side-by-side with your company to co-develop a solution that fits your unique company.