The ability for insurance carriers to exchange information more efficiently with internal and external stakeholders associated with the insurance claims process is critical to today’s connected insurance marketplace. Among claims solutions, ClickClaims was a leader in facilitating EDI with Xactware, having launched our first clients on this claims data exchange platform in 2007.
ClickClaims is well Connected…today.

Unlike competing claims systems, our import methods are not simple screen scraping tools that must be installed on each user's machine, but rather a fully integrated, cloud-based service that runs 24/7/365. ClickClaims EDI processes are designed for extreme volumes and have been stress tested during numerous large-scale catastrophe events, resulting in millions of transactions and update messages on a weekly basis. Transport methods include: Web services, SFTP, FTPS, System Upload, and Email. File types handled include (but not limited to): XML, Delimited, and even a simple Excel spreadsheet. Over 90% of all ClickClaims files are created via an automated import process, which eliminates the time and errors of human entry.

Estimating Platforms

ClickClaims offers bi-directional EDI with both Xactware and Symbility Solutions, allowing your company to design workflows that are versatile, flexible, and reliable. Our vast experience in developing custom solutions with multiple vendor systems will prove invaluable to companies that require custom workflows with estimating platforms, including claim creation, dispatch, documents, notes, reports, and more.

ClickClaims processed tens of thousands of claims through these estimating services in the weeks following Hurricane Ike in 2008 and even more after Sandy in 2012, with millions of EDI messages flowing between systems. Our experience in high volume catastrophes is unmatched and our investments in our code and network result in optimal efficiencies and reliability during the heaviest of loads.

Request a demonstration today to learn about custom workflows and how ClickClaims EDI can solve your data management and automation challenges.

                   XactAnalysis EDI with third-party integrations for Xactware products and services.                   Symbility Solutions easily integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Accounting & Financials

ClickClaims has a comprehensive bridge utilizing the QuickBooks Web Connector, providing a true, full-circle, bi-directional data transmission solution that handles the most complex of accounting needs, including: service fee invoicing; billing rate sheet and engine; time and expense and fee schedule based billing; multi-level commissions and payroll; accounts receivable (including short pays, batch payments, and credits); vendor bills, including holdback and advances; and more.

Our carrier and Third Party Administrator clients can take advantage of comprehensive reserves management and indemnity and expense payments and reporting. All financials can be exported to Excel, or other platforms to be consumed by your internal systems.

Let us solve your accounting and finance needs, with unmatched depth and automated services!

QuickBooks Web Connector QBWC for web services, exchange data with QuickBooks

Policy Management

ClickClaims has existing bridges with Focus Technologies' Policy Port (Tiva), Seibels, and PolicyOne by One, Inc. policy management systems, and we have developed a custom policy repository to house policy data extracts from Florida Citizens Take-Out program. This platform was created for Universal North America Insurance Company in 2013 to manage claims under their multiple take-outs from CPIC.

Our experience in developing these integrated system means ClickClaims has vast experience in connecting with multiple, sometimes complex data sources. Contact us today to learn how ClickClaims will connect to the policy system of your choice.

PolicyOne API for data exchange of policy and claims information                         IPX  for secure infrastructure data exchange of policy and claims information                  Policy Port for administration software solutions, data exchange of policy and claims information

Carrier & TPA Systems

ClickClaims has existing EDI with over 25 carrier and Third Party Administrator systems. New connections are being added regularly, and ClickClaims is capable of connecting to virtually any data source, via any method of transmission.

Want to streamline your operations, optimize efficiencies, and eliminate data entry errors? Imagine a workflow that streamlines your FNOL and dispatch cycle into a cohesive, automated 24/7/365 process than can put a new claim into your field adjuster's inbox in minutes, rather than hours or days. There is no better way than to enable automated data transfer between systems, and ClickClaims is your expert source for these solutions!

Call today to learn how this service will pay for itself in no time and allow your company to focus on adjusting claims, not processing data!

ClickClaims Connect

For carriers and TPAs seeking the ultimate in workflow collaboration, we offer "ClickClaims Connect", which provides real-time data synchronization between multiple ClickClaims applications. These applications can be licensed separately, to different entities, or together as a package. Current installations include complete data synchronization between IA/TPA and carrier, which further connects to the carrier's Policy Administration system. This complete, cohesive system provides for a true "single point of entry" for the full claim cycle, including contracted service providers - a solution that is truly unique to the PC claims industry.

Gone are the days of redundant processing, delays, and duplicated data entry (and the human error inherent to the process). You decide what to share between applications and ClickClaims manages the rest! Call or click today to schedule your demonstration.