Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.
It is what the client or customer gets out of it.
Peter Drucker
  • Click Claims is a highly customizable claim solution that enables us to accomplish SafePoint’s mission; to offer superior customer service, comprehensive coverage and expedited claim service.  Moving to ClickClaims has empowered our team to provide seamless claim processing to our customers. The experience has been painless and has proved to be a cost effective platform with superior support.

    Ryan Beck, Chief Claims Officer
    SafePoint Insurance Company


    SafePoint Insurance
  • I don’t think I need to tell you, cause you guys already know it, but…
    Thanks for your willingness to listen to your customers, value their feedback and your dedication to improving the product!
    Justin Lyden
    Claims Operations Manager
    MP & Associates

    MP & Associates Insurance Adjusters, Inc.
  • In 2005 I managed a Hurricane Katrina CAT location for a large Independent adjusting firm that had their own stand alone claims management program. Their program was not adequate for a CAT operation and did not allow proper management tools for monitoring pending claims’ statuses per adjuster and the ability to assign claims by zip codes. The experience of attempting to manage over 7,000 CAT claims with their program was very frustrating.

    During 2008 I was the operations director for a smaller Independent Adjusting firm specializing in CAT Claims. I researched the available claims management programs available and presented an overview of my findings to the principals of the firm. A unanimous decision was made to go with ClickClaims. The firm handled over 8,000 Hurricane Ike claims. The ability to manage that volume of claims was the best experience I had from any claims management program.

    I opened my own firm in 2010. Again, I reviewed the available claims management programs and decided that ClickClaims was the perfect fit for my operation that includes both daily claims and CAT events. In the nearly four years we have been in operation, we have utilized ClickClaims without any problems or glitches. Our field staff members have all commented that they have not encountered any issues uploading files for our QC team’s review from any location. Even for our clients who do not want to log onto our ClickClaims program directly, we have been able to transfer large files utilizing the ClickClaims document links without ever having to spend valuable production time splitting large files into numerous e-mails.

    I am confident that ClickClaims will be a valuable tool for any type adjusting firm.

    H W “Donny” Reed, Jr. AIC RPA
    Reed Insurance Adjusters, LLC
    Reed Adjusters
  • We have been following the AM Best EFusion Awards process and your successful winning award for the ClickClaims Claims Management System.

    We would like to take a moment to tell you we were very happy that your system was given the EFusion Award. It is most appropriate, as your CMS system is the best I have managed claims with in my 33 year career in claims.

    The application is user friendly for adjusters, yet appropriately detailed for Claim Managers who need to effectively communicate 24/7 with insurance carrier management personnel. ClickClaims made it possible for me to manage extremely high-volumes of claim files, uninterrupted, through numerous catastrophic events, when other firms were closing and moving to higher ground. Without the time-saving and tracking features of ClickClaims, it would not have been possible to meet Department of Insurance deadlines and affidavits we were required to sign affirming we'd met various inspection and closing deadlines. I could immediately access necessary reports by adjuster and by carrier which allowed me the comfort needed to sign such documents.

    All the claim managers I dealt with from many carriers were VERY pleased that I could provide them LIVE data immediately and especially impressed they could view claim file documents 24/7/365. It is especially important that your system provides the utmost versatility as it can be used with any of the major estimatics programs, so field adjusters, management companies, and insurance carriers are not limited to one software vendor as with many of the other claims management tools available on today's market.

    Keep up the great work and congratulations on the EFusion Award. It was well deserved!

    Deborah K Moroy, AIC, IIA
    Claims Mentor
  • Mariposa helped First Protective Insurance become leaders among their peers for adjusting catastrophe claims from the 2005 hurricanes. This accomplishment was made possible through the coordinated joint efforts of FPI and Mariposa catastrophe personnel, and the use of Mariposa's CMS powered by ClickClaims.

    First Protective Insurance
    Lake Mary, Florida
    First Protective Insurance
  • Click Claims technology was almost an out of the box solution for our warranty claim needs.  With some minor customization, the claim system provides us with capabilities that we never had in the past. Angela was a pleasure to work and provided our team with the training we needed to hit the ground running on day one. The entire Click Claim team has been awesome and we have no doubts that we made the right choice! Thank You!

    Russell Maida, General Manager
    Specialty Markets Division

    Simoniz, USA

  • During the spring of 2005, CPIP hired me to assist in improving their Catastrophe Operations. The goal was to improve customer service and accuracy in the handling of catastrophe claims. The key piece to the phenomenal improvement from 2004 to 2005 was the addition of a web-based management system tying everyone together from the call center setting up claims, to the adjuster in the field, to every level of management within Citizens. Without the creation and continual updates of CTS (Claims Tracking System), no amount of manpower could have made the 180° turnaround Citizens made from 2004 to 2005.

    Upon starting my own adjusting company, my immediate challenge was to develop or license a system that would provide the level of technology we had at CPIP. I found such a solution in ClickClaims. ClickClaims implements leading-edge technology unlike any available Claims Management System on the market.

    I have utilized this system since 2008 and have found it to be remarkably user-friendly. Managing claims from the West Coast to Florida has been trouble-free. My adjusters in the field and examiners in-office find it to be quite logical and effortless, as well. Those that have Citizens’ backgrounds experience virtually no learning curve.

    As with all technology, quality customer service beyond the sale is paramount. There have been occasions when I have called on the E-Claim's support staff, and I have found them to be thorough, timely and knowledgeable. Because of these reasons and my 15 years of Property and Casualty claims experience, I confidently endorse ClickClaims.

    Tim Molony
    2005 Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
    Catastrophe Operations Administration Manager
    Nomad Adjusting, LLC
    Nomad Adjusting, LLC
  • The claims management process of receiving, processing and reviewing catastrophe claims has always been resource intensive and challenging. Today we are capable of efficiently handling up to 20,000 new claims per week using the ClickClaims CMS. Clients, adjusters and Mariposa management staff utilize ClickClaims from locations all over the world. Mariposa would not be able to manage the claim load volume during the peak storm season without this claims management tool.

    David Swank
    VP Marketing and Business Development
    Mariposa Ltd.
    Mariposa Ltd.
  • From a marketing perspective, ClickClaims is a great sales tool. It is what separates us from the competition. When I am demonstrating CMS, I occasionally receive a response from potential clients that other companies have shown them similar systems but ours is the only one that is interactive where the client can not only add file documents and activity notes but they can communicate with the assigned adjuster without having to call our office. I wish CMS was a dedicated proprietary system that we owned exclusively. Clients also enjoy the option to use the system as much or as little as they prefer - they don't feel forced to use it by a vendor. They can also pull the PDF file into their filing system for convenience.

    George Trunk
    Marketing & Sales Director
    S&S Claims Service
    S&S; Claims Service
  • Since our initial migration to ClickClaims in early 2009 we have placed a number of special demands on the application. In each instance the team at E-Claim have supplied more than just the request feature but helped us understand the most efficient way to accomplish the task.

    Any request for support is met with immediate and first rate resolution of our request. We have never regretted making including ClickClaims as a key part of our business and system architecture.

    Amcat Adjusting Services
    Coppell, TX
    Office: 800.995.1433
    Email: info@amcatusa.com
    Amcat Adjusting Services
  • I’ve worked with 2 of the leading systems in the industry including Guidewire for close to 10 years and serving on multiple advisory boards for them.  I was not familiar with ClickClaims but must say that I impressed beyond description.  I think it is an amazing system, user friendly and loaded with functionality.  Additionally, although small, the team at E-Claim.com is extremely competent and a true pleasure to work with.

    Tim Cotton, Vice President Claims
    Elements Property Insurance Company

    Elements Property Insurance Company
  • CatManDo has always placed an emphasis on the effective use of technology to allow for the quick and efficient processing of claims to better satisfy our clients and their policyholders. To that end, after mixed experiences with various technologies during the 2004-2005 hurricane seasons, we invested considerable time and effort researching claims management systems to support our growing business, even venturing down the path of developing our own. In 2008 we became aware of ClickClaims from independent adjusters on our team who had experience with it and who loved how intuitive and easy it was to use. After further investigation and due diligence, we also became convinced that ClickClaims had what we were looking for and at a much better value point than other commercial systems we’d explored or the development of an in-house solution. So we became clients in October 2008.

    That is a decision we have never regretted. The system has been stable, fast and reliable. Adjusters using it for the first time have little difficulty coming up to speed quickly, and it allows them to efficiently work and manage their claims. The ability to allow our clients access to all the pertinent data, notes, dates and documents of their claims thru the Client View has been a huge selling point for us. And, as we have tweaked our business processes, the E-Claim developers have been able to provide us with ideas and solutions in a very quick and cost effective manner. On those occasions when we’ve needed support, it has been provided quickly and with good effect.

    Most recently, we converted to the new version of ClickClaims. While this version retains all of the familiar functions, structures and nomenclature of the previous version, it also provides greatly expanded configuration options, tracks and captures a greater amount of data, and has improved reporting tools. It also includes automatic calculation of invoices making invoicing more efficient and less error-prone. And it supports and leverages the variety of browsers and mobile devices that are transforming the world of adjusting. It is a significant update and the conversion was a worthwhile endeavor. Also notable with this version is a new standalone offering for insurance carriers that integrates very well with the IA/TPA version of the tool. This has allowed us to create a seamless workflow between CatManDo and our clients that are using this tool which is paying dividends for each of us and the policyholders we support.

    I would encourage any TPA’s, IA’s or Insurance Companies looking for a reasonably priced, web-based claims management system to consider ClickClaims.

    Steve Lugar
    Executive VP
    Phone: 813-689-5513
    Fax: 813-689-5461
    PO Box 89239
    Tampa, FL 33689
    CatManDo Inc.
  • In the 20 years that North Coast has been handling catastrophe and daily claims for a variety of insurance carriers, we have researched and employed a number of claim management systems. CMS from Click Claims is by far the most intuitive system available, which benefits our adjusters, staff and our customers. The efficiencies gained include real-time monitoring of claims by North Coast and the carriers, minimal learning curve for new users, as well as reduced telephone time since the adjusters can be contacted immediately within the system.

    The E-Claim.com staff has been extremely attentive and supportive of all of our needs and customizations.

    Thanks for a great product that takes our professionalism to the next level with our customers.

    Steve Scott, Sr.
    North Coast Claims
  • At PASCO CLAIMS, we strive to bring order to the chaos that Catastrophes bring to our carrier clients, and the Click Claims system has been the vehicle that delivers our "real time" data during such events.

    In the field the program has enabled us to bring both clients, and field adjuster resources into an electronic environment that delivers real and meaningful data at the click of a button. When coupled with our automated triage call center process, the Click Claims system works to prioritize claims, document our diaries, and even coordinate with a carrier's chosen emergency services vendor to initiate mitigation efforts.

    In the office, it has proven to be an effective marketing tool, by allowing our reps to demo the system in a "real time" mode, where clients can actually interact with the system and our adjusters right then and there.

    At PASCO CLAIMS, we continuously look for the fastest way the "skin a CAT", and Click Claims is that way.

    Craig Scott