CatManDo Inc. Completes Major CMS Upgrade to ClickClaims v2

CatManDo completes CMS upgrade with version 2 of ClickClaims.

Tampa, Florida (PRWEB) December 17, 2013 — CatManDo, Inc. a full-service independent claims adjusting and Third Party Administration (TPA) firm has completed its conversion to claims processing software ClickClaims® Version 2, yielding immediate benefits to its insurance carrier clientele. Click Claims, the flagship product of E-Claim, a Harvey Louisiana company, has been CatManDo’s claim management system (CMS) for over 5 years.

ClickClaims is bridged to CatManDo’s intranet site providing enhanced claims reporting functionality. The TPA/IA version also bridges with ClickClaim’s carrier version, providing complete, bi-directional data transfer with clients that use the carrier version. This total integration approach allows for “Straight-through Processing” from the policy management system, to the carrier, to CMD, as well as Symbility and XactAnalysis. The level of data analysis and performance metrics creates real time information management can act upon. Never before has the industry seen such a completely automated, efficient process.

Rhonda Lugar, CFO of CatManDo states, “this project was very challenging but also very rewarding. The conversion now automates not only our claims reporting, but also our accounting process. Our clients have some very sophisticated requirements, so this was a significant systems integration conversion, and I am glad we did it the right way and it’s been successful,” she said. Thomas Brown, the President of E-Claim, said, “CMD’s ClickClaims is customized more than any other client we have, so upgrading them was not cut and dry. Working through this process with the team at CatManDo was a great experience. Their technical team and business analysts thoroughly understand the ClickClaims application, and their firm utilizes CMS to its fullest. I am impressed with their attention to detail and their desire to have the best CMS on the market. Their drive and demand keeps our development team in forward motion and made this conversion a great success for both of our companies!”

CatManDo Inc. is a full service independent insurance adjusting company, providing accurate, cost-effective and reliable claims adjusting services to insurance carriers on a national level. The firm was founded in 2000 with the express purpose of providing a higher quality of claims service than is currently available. We do this by utilizing years of inside insurance carrier experience and maintaining a broad network of highly trained and qualified adjusters.

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ClickClaims is the flagship product of, LLC, founded in 1999 to deliver technology solutions to Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers and Claim Service Providers. ClickClaims’ SaaS model provides turn-key, full cycle claim management, as well as custom-designed solutions to specialty claim providers. Our stand-alone, modular solution integrates with over 30 source systems, including accounting, estimatics, FNOL, mapping, policy management, and numerous proprietary carrier systems.

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