Thomas Brown, Founder & CEO of Featured LIVE on Tea Time with Tech Founders Podcast

We are excited to announce an upcoming event that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. Thomas Brown, the visionary Founder and CEO of, will be the featured guest on the live podcast, “Tea Time with Tech Leaders,” hosted by Kerry Guard, CEO of MKG Marketing. In this episode, Kerry will delve into the life and journey of Thomas Brown, exploring a wide range of topics that offer valuable insights into entrepreneurship, technology, and leadership. 

👉 Friday, January 12th at 9:30 am CST

*If you miss the live cast, click the same link to watch it on demand!

 A Glimpse into the Upcoming Podcast Episode 

During this exclusive interview, Kerry Guard will explore the fascinating journey of Thomas Brown, who started with a vision and transformed it into a successful business that addresses real-world challenges. Here’s a glimpse of the topics that will be covered during this insightful conversation: 

Origins and Background: Learn about Thomas Brown’s background and life experiences that shaped his journey, providing context to his entrepreneurial endeavors. Discover the mission of and the significant problems it addresses within the realm of claims processing, benefiting individuals and businesses alike. 

The Birth of an Idea: Hear the story behind the birth of, exploring the moment of inspiration that set the stage for its creation. 

The Early Days: Gain insights into the early days of, including the challenges faced and the milestones achieved during its inception. 

Funding and Resources: Explore the strategies and decisions that enabled Thomas Brown to secure the necessary resources for the launch and growth of 

Marketing Insight: Understand the pivotal role of marketing and when Thomas recognized the need for marketing expertise to propel forward. 

Building the Team: Discover the thought process behind Thomas’s choices in building his team, particularly the crucial role of marketing, and the reasons behind his selections. 

Current Status: Get an update on where stands today and the accomplishments achieved under Thomas Brown’s leadership. 

Future Aspirations: Learn about the ambitious vision and long-term goals that Thomas envisions for, offering a glimpse into the company’s future. 

Invaluable Advice: Reflect on the valuable advice received by Thomas during his entrepreneurial journey, uncovering the wisdom that guided him or provided essential lessons. 

Hindsight Wisdom: Gain insights into the lessons learned by Thomas over the years and the one key insight he wishes he had possessed when starting 

Join Us for an Inspiring Conversation 

We invite you to join us for this episode of “Tea Time with Tech Leaders” as Kerry Guard engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Thomas Brown, Founder and CEO of Stay tuned for the live podcast episode on Friday, January 12th at 9:30 am CST, where you can immerse yourself in their engaging conversation and gain a deeper understanding of the remarkable journey behind’s success. 

👉 Friday, January 12th at 9:30 am

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