Fighting Fraud from the AIr and in the Courts

Artificial Intelligence, Aerial Imagery, and the Judiciary – Top Fraud Fighters

By:  Tim Molony, Matt Monson, and Lisa Miller

Recently, in Tampa, Florida, insurance fraud professionals and underwriting and claims leaders gathered to discuss how technology, used efficiently, can reduce fraud, improve policy acquisition, and better manage the claims process. Sound familiar?  We see these sessions all the time with labels like “Full Stack” and “AI-enabled” but this session was different because there were experts in the room who spend their entire professional lives working with the right tools to ultimately improve a policyholder’s experience.  And that experience can be anything from the right rates charged to a swift claims resolution.  

One of the lenses McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) and BSC Forensics used to add much-needed clarity to the entire insurance transaction, from underwriting to claims and in between, is the area of Spatial Analysis.  MIS provides the front end of the analysis using satellite, aerial, and on-the-ground imagery, as well multiple other data sources to create damage assessments across the entire event, from a carrier’s portfolio to individual policies and properties. BSC puts feet under the spatial analysis by providing post-event Subject Matter Expert vetted Spatial Analysis Models of building envelopes and various mechanical and electrical components. For example, MIS shared their work with helping insurers immediately understand the geographic footprint of the Maui wildfires and the damage occurring on individual properties. My favorite message from Daniel was about the Turkish and Syrian earthquake where MIS provided intelligence that allowed their carrier clients to issue payments the day after the tragedy.

The audience learned a tremendous amount with actual post-event data (satellite and aerial imagery) related to Hurricane Ian and the December 2021 Kentucky tornado to highlight ways to detect fraud from the air and pursue those perpetrating it. 

Other speakers included Lisa Miller, providing a regulator’s view of the market, and lawyers Matthew Monson and Steve Badger walked the audience through all the public records and court filings of their shared efforts to stop, with a regulators’ assistance, several sophisticated and well-funded fraud schemes affecting the P&C space.  Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon exercised great leadership in protecting consumers by issuing cease and desist orders (hot links in the attached).

If you are interested in the presentation, please feel free to reach out to Tim Molony who will connect you to the presenters and the platforms they provide to improve insurance policyholder outcomes by assisting insurers with their operations. 

About the Authors

Tim Molony is the Claims Concierge at BSC Forensics, which provides high-level engineering Subject Matter Experts across the country.

Matthew Monson is the founder of The Monson Law Firm, which provides a full range of insurance defense legal representation to clients in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Lisa Miller is Florida’s former Deputy Insurance Commissioner and advisor to insurance stakeholders around the country. Her firm is Lisa Miller & Associates headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida.

Event Sponsors

E-Claim was one of several companies that sponsored the event.  Other sponsors included Zelle LLP, BCS Forensics, McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS), Allied Restoration and Construction, PSS Insurance Staffing Experts, and The Monson Law Firm.