2021 Louisiana Growth Leaders: Spotlight on E-Claim | Louisiana Economic Development

In an unprecedented virtual event held on April 29, 2021, a diverse panel of economic development experts recognized a remarkable group of companies as the 2021 Louisiana Growth Leaders. These companies, selected by Louisiana Economic Development (LED), have not only made significant strides in their respective business fields but have also exhibited unwavering dedication and leadership within their communities. Among these outstanding companies is E-Claim, a Louisiana-based organization that is revolutionizing the insurance software solutions industry, one claim at a time.

Based in Harvey, Louisiana, E-Claim.com has become a proud testament to the business growth and innovation that LED fosters. The organization’s founder and CEO, Thomas Brown, expressed his pride in the company’s Louisiana roots. Born out of the state’s institutions including Louisiana State University, E-Claim, according to Mr. Brown, is a product of the opportunities, support, and guidance that LED provides.

Mr. Brown comments, “E-Claim is happy to be founded and headquartered in the great State of Louisiana. LED has been instrumental throughout E-Claim’s formative years and continues to support our growth as a second-stage company. CEO Roundtables, favorable tax incentives, strategic research, plus multiple learning programs through the incredible Edward Lowe Foundation have truly advanced my leadership skills and instilled the confidence needed to scale our company into a dominant, national software solutions provider. E-Claim is so honored to be recognized as a Louisiana Growth Leader and we are fortunate to be Louisiana-owned, Louisiana-proud.”

Discover more about E-Claim and the other 2021 Louisiana Growth Leaders in the comprehensive LED Growth Network Guide (Click Here). This guide offers detailed insights into the impact these companies have had on Louisiana’s economic development and how they continue to shape industry standards.

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