Xactware Third Party Integrator

ClickClaims is now an Authorized Third Party Integrator, allowing customers to synchronize claim assignment data seamlessly with XactAnalysis.


Harvey, LA – November 4, 2016
ClickClaims (www.clickclaims.com) after years of experience with processing claims assignment information to and from XactAnalysis, Xactware’s key network services product, is now recognized as a key resource in the Xactware claims community.

Xactware customers, who require the comprehensive set of functions and capabilities available with ClickClaims, can now take advantage of the strengths of both of these industry leading applications. Establishing an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between XactAnalysis and ClickClaims, carriers and independent adjusting firms achieve a degree of accuracy, speed and oversight that is the hallmark of every highly regarded service organization.

“E-Claim/ClickClaims is honored to be among the select few integration partners of the insurance claim industry’s leading estimatics platform, Xactware,” said Thomas Brown, President of E-Claim.com, LLC. “Our many years of working together is now official, making our integrated solution a go-to resource that bridges the gap between estimatics and claims management, for both carriers and their service providers.”

About ClickClaims
ClickClaims is the flagship product of E-Claim.com, LLC, founded in 1999 to deliver technology solutions to Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers and Claim Service Providers. ClickClaims’ SaaS model provides turn-key, full cycle claim management, as well as custom-designed solutions to specialty claim providers. Our stand-alone, modular solution integrates with over 45 source systems, including accounting, estimatics, FNOL, ISO, OFAC, mapping, policy management, and numerous proprietary carrier systems.

About Xactware
Xactware Solutions provides computer software solutions for professionals involved in estimating all phases of building and repair. In 1986, Xactware opened for business with Xactimate, its flagship estimating system. Xactimate helped contractors and insurance adjusters estimate repairs much faster and more accurately than they ever could before. Since then, Xactimate has evolved into a high-powered package complete with a patented plan-sketching program, and Xactware has become much more than just Xactimate. Today 22 of the top 25 property insurance companies in the U.S. and 10 of the top 10 Canadian insurers use Xactware property insurance claims tools. https://www.xactware.com/en-us/

Contact Information
Niki Wilson, Director of Sales & Marketing

ClickClaims/E-Claim.com, LLC
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/e-claim.com-llc