ClickClaims, a division of, LLC Launches Major Customization Effort for Mid-America Catastrophe in Less than 24 Hours


When Hurricane Laura, a Category 3-4 hurricane, hit the coast of Louisiana on Thursday August 27th 2020, Mid-America (MAC) was once again ready to deploy its experienced staff of claims adjusters. On Friday, MAC received a call from one of its insurance carrier clients, who had recently acquired another carrier with a book of business in Louisiana. With claims already coming in by the hundreds, MAC wanted to automate claims from this new carrier, in the same way it automates 100% of claims – but was there time? Absent an automated solution, MAC’s staff would have to log into the policy system, find each claim, parse through the data, and re-enter into ClickClaims.


Zack Meadows, co-owner of Mid-America, called Thomas Brown, owner of ClickClaims, at 8:00 pm that same Friday night. What did he ask for? In one word, “HELP!” The result, a mere 22 hours later, was a fully-automated solution that:
  • Connected to the policy system.
  • Extracted the FNOL document and all related claims and policy data.
  • Pushed that data into MAC’s ClickClaims CMS.
  • Pushed the data into XactAnalysis, creating a bi-direction workflow from carrier system, to ClickClaims, to estimatics claim, to adjuster desktop.
What MAC and his new carrier client got in response to the call for help, they simply refer to as, “magic!”


Using ClickClaims’ proprietary automated Call Center, SMS (texting), and Mobile Forms platforms, insured contact time was slashed from three days to under 24 hours. Moreover, insureds were able to use the ClickClaims portal to verify coverage details, request EMS, report damages (severity and type), as well as provide photographic and video evidence in support of their claim. This critical triage data is automatically sent back to ClickClaims as raw data for reporting and alerts, and a comprehensive PDF packaged report is immediately transmitted to the field/desk adjusters, the carrier, and the insured.


Thomas Brown, (aka, Mr. We Can Do It”) President,

Let us create some “magic” for you!

“My background is in catastrophe claims so I understand many clients’ needs. The most rewarding part of my job is to field a variety of requests that are not just extremely challenging, but critically important to delivering relief to those who need it most. As a lifelong resident of Louisiana, I fully understand the pain and suffering these events cause, and I am committed to doing everything possible to improve the claim experience for all involved. This is E-Claim’s mission – the “Why?” of what we do. E-Claim’s staff of full-time in-house developers places customer requests at the very top of the list for development initiatives. We reserve developmental resources and capacity so that we can handle those needs, fully understanding that in many cases, such needs come about with very little advance notice.” Zack Meadows, Owner/Partner, Mid-America Catastrophe Claims:

I don’t think we could have gotten this turnaround from any other vendor.

“We were handling the Laura storm and one of our guys brought in a new client. With ClickClaims, we have things automated way ahead of time, but in this situation, we were dealing with a new client and a higher volume of claims. We would’ve had to hire multiple clerical people to re-enter the claims, but this customization drastically reduced our need for additional personnel. I called Thomas to put in a request and within 24 hours, we had all those claims in ClickClaims automatically. We could have processed 10,000 claims a day with this automated process. To be able to go to your vendor and have something done in 24 hours, that replaces the need for 25 operators, with something that happens automatically, is phenomenal.”