E-Claim Sponsors Capes for Children Overcoming Illnesses or Disabilities Through the TinySuperheroes Organization

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Harvey, LA – November 24, 2020 — E-Claim recently donated to TinySuperheroes, a tiny cape company with a super BIG mission. They empower extraordinary children as they overcome illness or disabilities by making capes available through purchase or sponsorship.  

TinySuperheroes got its start in 2012 when Robyn Rosenberger started by making a cape for her nephew’s birthday because of his love for superheroes. Robyn was following a blog about a sweet child named Brenna who was born with a rare and severe skin disorder. She decided Brenna was a superhero too and needed a cape! Since 2013, TinySuperheroes has empowered over 60,000 kids all over the world.  

E-Claim joined in on the mission this week and sponsored six children through TinySuperheroes by providing them with capes at no cost to their family. These are fully customizable with patches for their name and certain missions they can complete. One of E-Claim’s core values is connection, and this goes beyond connecting and supporting employees and clients, by supporting the surrounding community. This sponsorship helps to connect and show these children their superpowers. 

These capes help the kids know that they are supported and loved while they take on immense challenges. TinySuperHeroes says they are “A squad for overcoming a disability, a squad for child battling illness, a squad to build awareness, and a squad that is inclusive. TinySuperheroes seeks to empower extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability!” 

Sometimes the world around does not recognize just how extraordinary these children are. TinySuperheroes works to make each kid feel like their own superhero while showing the community around them how strong, able, and proud of their unique qualities they are.  

E-Claim was proud to help support this endeavor. To learn more about TinySuperheroestheir special mission, or to sponsor a child yourself visit their site here.  

About TinySuperheros
TinySuperheroes has a BIG mission to empower extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or a disability. Their squad is a group for kids with ALL abilities. 

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