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Harvey, LA – December 10, 2020 – In May of 2020 E-Claim called on Petra Coach for their business consulting services. President, Thomas Brown, was looking for a way to take the company, E-Claim.com, dba ClickClaims, to the next level in terms of structural organization to prepare for the rapid growth chapter that was unfolding. Thomas started the company 20 years ago to bring technological solutions to the claims industry by way of innovative claim software solutions. After about ten of those years, Thomas started to look for outside help to execute some of his ideas for growing the company.

As acting President, Thomas wanted to use this opportunity to inspire his team, hit crucial targets, and delegate more tasks to get back to the innovation of the actual product. Thomas found Petra Coach after learning about the Rockefeller habits that are based on the leadership and management habits used by John D. Rockefeller.

Petra Coach LogoPetra outlines three pillars to develop these habits: Priorities, Data, and Rhythm. 

Priorities start with creating or clarifying the company’s objective top five priorities with a clear number one. They then ensure everyone in the company has their priorities aligned with these. Priorities matter because they will make for faster progress by focusing all energy around one common goal.

Data is the focus of finding sufficient feedback on a daily and weekly basis to provide insight into how the company is running and what the market is demanding. This also helps to predict the near-future and in E-Claim’s case, make data-driven decisions like knowing what support their clients need and fielding user feedback to know what future updates and products are expected.

Rhythm means outlining an effective pattern of well-organized daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings to maintain alignment and drive accountability. The “Daily Huddle” implemented by Petra Coaching, helped to set E-Claim’s leadership team up for success day after day. They now meet every morning to review tasks completed from the previous day, any stuck items, and share what the focus will be for the coming day. The structure of these huddles is only 15 minutes which requires everyone to come prepared, productive, and yet does not slog their day down with meetings.

“This helps to refocus the team, but it is also a fun way for everyone to hold each other accountable,” Brown adds.

Petra then focuses on coaching in three primary areas: People, Planning, and Process.

People are an inherent value at E-Claim. Great companies are built with great people, right? They not only focus on the growth of their employees but who they choose to do work with, their clients, are central to this belief as well. Petra helped to further implement this focus at E-Claim by encouraging the company to lay out core values and purposes to align the entire team with them. See them here.

Planning is a large part of any company’s process, but it can be easy to get off track while one is continually putting out fires. Utilizing all three pillars of the Rockefeller habits helps E-Claim to better prioritize the things they want to get done but in smaller more manageable bites, so more gets completed each quarter while making it easier for the team to get back on track after unplanned events.

Process is where the values, expectations of revenue, profit, and culture are integral to creating alignment within the team. Laying out the core values and purposes for employees helps to realign them with the central mission. Posters were printed for E-Claim’s new office to visually state and remind employees of E-Claim’s “why”. Teams share their roadmap or progress to remind those of the vision that the leadership and company created for a culture of more transparency and accountability.

With the added coaching from Petra, E-Claim is expanding from its roots as a SaaS specializing in web-based claims management systems, to grow and evolve their suite of technologies. If you are interested in learning more about Petra Coach and the potential it could have for your team and business, read more here.

About Petra Coach
Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur and author Andy Bailey, Petra Coach is a business coaching organization working with leaders, teams, and corporations across the country. Through guidance based on Bailey’s entrepreneurial experience and the book Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Petra Coach helps companies align their leaders and team to meet clear goals and improve company culture. The company was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for the third year in a row. For more information, visit www.petracoach.com and follow them on Twitter.

About ClickClaims
ClickClaims is the flagship product of E-Claim.com, LLC, founded in 1999 to deliver technology solutions to Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers and Claim Service Providers. ClickClaims‘ SaaS model provides turn-key, full-cycle claim management, as well as custom-designed solutions to specialty claim providers. Our stand-alone, modular solution integrates with over 50 source systems, including accounting, estimatics, FNOL, mapping, policy management, and numerous proprietary carrier systems. 

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