E-Claim.com LLC (E-Claim), dba ClickClaims Hosts Crawfish Boil

Harvey, LA – April 19th, 2021 – The E-Claim team hosted a crawfish boil on Thursday, April 8th, at their home office in Harvey, Louisiana. Employees from E-Claim that live in the surrounding area got to attend while friends and family members were also welcomed. The stage was set with two empty tables teasing the crowd with crawfish and the additional boil ingredients that would soon fill them.  

E-Claim Crawfish Boil

Thomas Brown, President and Owner of E-Claim was at the helm of the boil while employees and friends mingled and listened to live music provided by musical guestTank, and his guitar. The all-time high of the evening was the cover of Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond which was a sure-fire way to get everyone singing along.  

The experienced and well-oiled crawfish eating machines were happy to assist those who were new to boils with the tactics and proper ways to twist, pinch, and extract the crawfish tailsNewbies walked away as experienced crawfish eaters and a few lucky souls became more skilled boilers after catching a glimpse of Thomas’s boil recipe. (Hint: artichokes are a must!)

magnificent time was had by all, and as crawfish season extends into mid-July, many have already not so subtly hinted that they’re hoping for a repeat.   

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