E-Claim.com, LLC (E-Claim), dba ClickClaims Announces Employee Innovation Initiative

Harvey, LA – April 23, 2021 — E-Claim.com, LLC (E-Claim), dba ClickClaims has announced a new internal company initiative that stands to explore and encourage innovative ideas from employees. Innovation is one of the five core values at E-Claim, one of the first web-based claims management systems on the market, and a leading claims solutions leader today. 

At E-Claim everything is innovated (even king cake)and this is reflected in the range of ideas that are put forth by the company’s employees. The innovative ideas range from automating and streamlining internal processes, to new feature ideas for ClickClaimsthe company’s claims management system. Such ideas have included integrated telephony which would add the ability to make, record, and log calls from directly within the application, to more internal-facing initiatives like a core value dashboard that would reflect team engagement and a company-wide core value rating. 

Each employee. One idea. Every quarter 

This initiative is all about getting the team at E-Claim.com excited about the roles they play within the company and the ingenuity they can lend. Every quarter, employees are encouraged to submit one proposal for their innovative idea that is followed up by a pitch. On pitch day, employees have four minutes to present their idea to their peers with any supporting material they choose. 

Everyone within the company votes anonymously, with the pitches fresh in mind, to choose which idea will be implemented and added onto the company roadmap. The winner then receives a bonus and crown! This provides a great incentive that aims to engage all employees. Although there is only one crowned winner, E-Claim often adds many of the innovative suggestions to the company roadmap as they are coming directly from the people who know E-Claim, its products, and its clients the best. They can easily see areas of improvement which is what makes this initiative so special.  

This initiative was first put into place by the leadership team in the fourth quarter of 2020. Since then, E-Claim has seen a positive impact. Operations Manager, Phillip Montgomery states, “The innovation initiative has given E-Claim a steady stream of projects and ideas in all facets of company operations, and it has allowed us to truly embody our commitment to innovation by giving everyone a say in the direction of the company. It is a time where, once a quarter, we can take a deep breath, be together, and share the parts of the business that we feel most passionate about improving. This quarter, I walked away from the presentation day not only proud of all the ideas people pitched but proud of the emphasis the event puts on togetherness and collective success. We only had one outright ‘winner,’ but I think we all felt mutual respect and admiration for everyone’s dedication to improving how we do things at E-Claim. When you have a CEO who rewards that effort and gets people excited, the positive ripple effects of that culture reverberate throughout the company.”   

E-Claim has five core values upon which they centralize their mission and serve their clients through solving their problems. 

Innovation We innovate everything, even king cake 

Connection It’s more than just a job, we are family 

Balance Work Hard. Play Hard 

Vision We see through the impossible. 

Progress Always learning. Always doing more. 

Thorough this ongoing commitment to innovation, E-Claim is expanding from its roots as a SaaS (software as a service) company specializing in web-based claims management solutions, to grow and evolve its suite of technologies. If you are interested in learning more about what E-Claim has to offer or want to read up on other company initiatives, follow up here. 

About ClickClaims 
ClickClaims is the flagship product of E-Claim.com, LLC, founded in 1999 to deliver technology solutions to Property and Casualty Insurance Carriers and Claim Service Providers. ClickClaims‘ SaaS model provides turn-key, full cycle claim management, as well as custom-designed solutions to specialty claim providers. Our stand-alone, modular solution integrates with over 50 source systems, including accounting, estimatics, FNOL, mapping, policy management, and numerous proprietary carrier systems. 

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