From Scrappy Software Entrepreneur to Savvy SaaS CEO – Thomas Brown founder, Thomas Brown, was recently featured on Episode 10 of the Practical Founders Podcast.

In this episode, Thomas explains:

  • How he started his company and built a software solution after experiencing a massive industry problem himself.
  • How he grew a $4M+ ARR SaaS company without funding with just 50 customers.
  • Which creative side businesses he started to generate enough cash to build and start his software company.
  • How trusted business advisors helped him gain the knowledge and the confidence to be the SaaS CEO and team leader required to keep growing his company.
  • Why he is inspired to make a bigger impact with his employees and in his community by continuing to grow his business.

Listen to the Podcast:
#10: From scrappy software entrepreneur to savvy SaaS CEO – Thomas Brown | Practical Founders Podcast