E-Claim.com LLC (E-Claim), dba ClickClaims Prepares Holiday Dinner for Grace House

On December 21st, the E-Claim family organized a dinner event for the residents of Grace House, a local nonprofit organization in New Orleans, LA. Grace House serves the community by fighting drug and alcohol addiction for women. Thomas Brown, president, and owner of E-Claim wanted to recognize the constant battle these women fight by giving something back.  

The E-Claim team and some of their family members prepared and served a delicious meal to the Grace House residents. On the menu were home-cooked jambalaya (by Chef Thomas), salad, rolls, and desserts.  

Over 30 women came to enjoy the event with many leaving with to-go containers of jambalaya to enjoy later. 

E-Claim enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community and break bread together in celebration of the holiday season 

About Grace House 

Grace House is a women’s only faith-based addiction treatment organization founded in 1985. Grace House is a 12-step recovery program and has many members living on-site as they go through recovery. In 2006, Grace House merged with the all-male Bridge House.  Together they treat almost 800 people per year in South Louisiana. To learn more about Grace House/Bridge House visit their website here. 

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